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Thursday, August 23, 2012


It looks like we are positively getting blessed with a Hurricane this coming weekend. The Hardware stores are going crazy. My Husband works for Lowes and they have already advised their employees to be prepared to put in long hectic hours. I have started our list of "must haves" to get ready. It's kind of exciting considering I have never experienced one before but yet it's very scary too. No too long ago we experienced our first Tropical Storm Debbie. I thought that was a hurricane. TV was advising everyone to prepare for evacuation but it turned out my neighborhood didn't have to. We had some 3 foot deep in water streets but that was about the worst of it. Some of the screens came off the pool enclosure but we were able to put that back up. This time we are going to be better prepared. Our neighbor has a generator, and he is the sweetest guy, and has told us he will help out as much as he can and we can stay with him if need be. Our street has the best people. We all look out for each other and we all socialize often. I love it here and couldn't be happier.

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